cooler than a polar bears toenail (mista37) wrote,
cooler than a polar bears toenail

Ah the life of the unemployed.

I'm on my second movie of the day. The first was Forrest Gump, and the second is Casino.

2 days ago, on Monday, I went to the Hustler Casino to play some poker. I ended up coming up about $200 - played pretty well, made 1 or 2 bad plays, but overall I played well and caught some great cards. Despite making a comeback from $7 to $61, and then losing it all when my AA went down to 58 offsuit, I bought back in and took the biggest pot of the night when a $6 raise was made with my 99 and the flop came 9-3-6, giving Mr. SucksOutWith58OffSuit 2 pair and me a set. He bet $15, I called, and another guy called. The turn brought a harmless Jack, he bet $24, another guy folded, and I pushed in for $24 + $86 more. He called and I racked in a $289 pot after the rake and my tip to the dealer. Good times, good times.

In other news, I'm STILL tired of not working. I need money ya'll. I need something to do and some responsibility, cause right now - I'm feeling like a loser. I also would like to go to Las Vegas, thank you. Me Asher and Ayaz rocked a party at Josh's the other night and it was fun. We BBQ'd, we drank, and we played records...and of course, had a great time doing so. This weekend? Something fun. I hope.

Anyway, I'm off to doing nothing.
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