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cooler than a polar bears toenail

Been a while, hasn't it?


So life's been good. We (meaning me and like everyone) took a Vegas trip earlier this month for Christa's 21st birthday. It was a blast, and me, Shila, and her bro all had winning trips. I hit my 2nd royal flush in video poker on the first day (first machine I played too) for $1000 and did well elsewhere too....placed 3rd in a Luxor poker tournament, did well in cash games, but lost money playing stupid games like Let it Ride, hahahah. It was a bit chaotic (okay, REALLY chaotic) on the first night, but I had a great time. We stayed at Imperial Palace...where I won :)

Been on the hunt for a job I'm getting tired of the mobile DJ thing. Not that it was ever meant to be more than a temporary thing, but it's turned into my only real source of income, and I pretty much hate it now. Although it's been good to me, it's really time to move on. I'm kinda at odds with the whole film thing...I'm not sure I have the patience and everything to get a dirt paying job and stay on the grind for years until something worthwhile MAYBE comes along. I am still pursuing it, but in more independent ways (writing, figuring out ideas for documentaries/films/whatever, etc.) and hoping Asher's film (which is FINALLY almost done) does well enough for him to succeed to get me a job, hahahaha (I'm only slightly kidding on that one).

So Thursday Asher, Ayaz, and I all threw a party at the Harmony Sweet. It did not go too smoothly. From sound problems to Asher getting in a car accident and not being able to show up, to me playing like shit, to us running way behind just wasn't a good night. I mean, nobody was really the wiser and I tried to keep my game face on, but it wasn't fun for me. I did have fun toward the end of the night jamming with the homies and playing a bit better...but overall, I wasn't pleased with how it turned out. Coulda been a lot better, that's for sure. Fast forward to last night...the plan was for Ayaz and I to play after the IM/Lions/etc. show from like 11:30 - 2. Needless to say, after the debacle that was Thursday night, I wasn't looking forward to it too much...and I think that showed when I got there around 6 (I was also playing between bands). Turns out Ayaz got sick and couldn't show up so I was on my own for the night. While it was looking like a repeat of Thursday... turned out to be possibly the best set I've ever played. I played pretty well between bands, and that was a lot of fun, but once the bands finished I got to do my thing for 4 hours (we ended up going till 3:30), playing pretty well and having a REALLY good time doing so. Mad people were there at the end dancing and having fun, and I fed off that. It was my first time getting to really spread out and do my own thing for an extended set which I've never gotten to do, and when I got home around 4:30, I was floating I was so happy. I had a blast and was so proud of myself.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm gone.
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