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Hooray for technology!

So as you saw, my last entry went haywire. Boo on that. I'm over it now so I can get crackin' on a new one.

So first: I have 2 new toys. The first I got about 2 weeks ago, and the second I got about 30 minutes ago.

First: Brand new laptop -

After hellish bouts with Best Buy customer service, I recieved a call that they had "junked out" my last laptop after over a month of attempting to fix it (ordering wrong parts, etc.). I raised hell and got this brand new thang with widescreen, with a faster DVD burner, etc. Basically, Best Buy told me they'd pick the laptop that I would get (exchanging "technology for technology" as they said). So I called into the store and found out no manager was in. So, about an hour before I was going to take off to Vegas, I took advantage of this fact and went and got a laptop that I was able to pick. I'm pretty happy with it. Lesson learned, eff a Best Buy.

Second: Brand new cellphone -

Liking it so last cellphone went to heeeeelll and I could barely hear anything. So, it's good to have a new one for sure.

Also, if I didn't talk about it before, I have Adelphia DVR. It = amazing.

Okay last entry was going to focus on my Vegas trip. Basically I lost money, but came up playing poker. I even played for a long session going from around 12am - 7am, and then catching a flight back to Burbank at 9:30am for Lluvia's wedding. The key hand all weekend was one where I caught KQ against a guy who had 77. The flop came KQQ, which we both checked and then a 7 on the turn. My full house beating his. I won about...oh...$160 on that hand. Probably came up around $120 - $150 just playing poker. But that's alright. It was fun...and going with my cousins was interesting. Jenny had a great time, Danny got drunk and possibly engaged in illicit sexual contact (hence my reason for not going back to my room until 7am), and good times were had.

It's time for a new Vegas trip next weekend. Yes. Again. 3 times in 30 days is excessive but awesome. Me, Shila, her bro, Holly, Josh, Marco, Laura, possibly Codizzle, possibly other people. Will it be fun? Yeah fo' sho. Then I'll probably have a break from Vegas for a few months, even though I love it. I can't wait though, it'll be quite a good time with all the heads and we'll probably gamble and maybe get some blow and hookers, or even coke and whores. Who knows.

I'm off work this week cause they had nothing for me to do. Cool I guess, but I've been in full blown bum mode ever since I was told that and haven't gotten much accomplished this week. Also I'm losing money doing so. But whatever I guess. Maybe they'll fire me and I'll be forced to find a new job. Maybe.

Anyway, that's it for the time being. This woulda been longer but the LJ client I downloaded suuuuucks.
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