cooler than a polar bears toenail (mista37) wrote,
cooler than a polar bears toenail

I just watched Taxi Driver.

That's a damn good movie.

Definitely better the 2nd time around.

Here's what I need to do in the coming days:
- My taxes
- Get an oil change
- Clean my room
- Do laundry

I found a job. Not sure if I posted about it I will now. I sold out. I now DJ for a company, doing stuff like the Boys and Girls Club and teen parties. Good money, and it's obviously very flexible. I'm making more or less what I was at Countrywide with 1/2 the hours (11 hours in 2 weeks...I guess that's 1/4 the hours). Plus it can be fun. So go me. I got lucky with this just fell into my lap, which is awesome. So I'm very happy, even if it makes me give up my weekends here and there.

Vegas soon. I hope. I just got something in the mail to get $69 rooms at Ballys or $99 at Paris. Awesome. So I'm sure that'll pan out real soon...gotta hit the homies up about it.

Alright that's all for now.
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