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Wednesday, June 14th, 2006
7:47 pm - Ugh.
Haven't been having the best week. Since last week, really. I lost my ABA internship because the company closed, the GSN one I have now is wearing quite thin on my nerves, I'm very low on cash, I have severely unneeded drama going on right now which is totally unneccessary and is grating on me every single day, and I don't have much better in sight. That about covers the last 2 weeks or so. Everything else is great, but it's really hard to enjoy it with so much depressing me.

I'm not generally an unhappy person. I never really have been. Usually I'm over whatever bugs me within a day or two...but this has lasted over a week now. When it rains it pours I guess. I suppose things like these are supposed to make me stronger, and I know that other people have it way worse, but it still sucks. Shila told me "Alls well that ends well" and I guess that's true, but it's definitely hard to say or understand when you feel stuck in the mud. Hopefully everything'll move forward shortly. I'm only at GSN until the end of the month, and try as they might, I won't be staying there. Today was actually okay...usually 5 hour shifts drag and feel like 12 hour ones...but I worked a full day today and it was okay. Overall, they love me but I hate it.

ABA (see previous entry) was a great, great experience and I'm really sad that it's gone and that I didn't get to see more of it. Back to the drawing board for jobs. I have a possible position over at Greg's new place, so we'll see how that goes. But yeah...things have been rough and this is here for me to vent, so that's what I'm doing.

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Sunday, May 14th, 2006
10:38 pm - Take from this what you will.
South Philly, North Side
Oakland, Texas
Georgia, Black People
Yo, Worldwide, Sup my nigga
You know what I'm saying
Dumb and blind...

They say a record ain't nothing if it's not touching
Gripping, draw you in closer make you want to listen to it
And if you real ill at making music
The listener feel like he livin' through it
That's how my nigga do it
I met Slacks back in like '91 rapping
We went to Millersville to get away from gun clappin'
It ain't last
I be in class dreaming 'bout
50,000 fans up in the stands screaming out
Encore, yo I'm headed back to Philly
Nigga you rollin' with me?
I'm trying to get busy
We walk dogs that was off the chain
Lot of times at the show people hardly came
I just took it in stride as part of the game
But inside people down with me started to change
It was a couple things
Lil' syrup, lil' pills
Instead of driving out on the road you rather chill
I know the way the pleasure feel
I'm not judging
But still I'm on a mission, yo I'm not buggin'
I got fam that won't stop druggin'
They can't sleep
They can't stick to one subject, they can't eat
Is people steady comin' at me out in the streets
Like Riq yo wat up with your peeps
It gets deep nigga

Yo, you need to walk straight, master your high
Son you missin' out on was passing you by
I done seen the streets suck a lot of cats dry
But not you and I my nigga
We got to get
Come on, over over the water
Come on, over over the water
Water, Water...

Yo, we done made too many meals
A couple of deals
We done share clothes and wills
Killed mics and reels
We done rock
Shows abroad, and slept on floors
Trying to figure what the fuck we gettin' slept on for
Oh why we walking with the rep up for
Waited by the cavity law
You know it if you came up poor my nigga
Picture a bus up north
You know we made of everything outlaws are made of
I'm far from a hater
And I don't say I love you 'cause the way I feel is greater
In Illa you a poet son
You a ball creator
And this will probably dawn on you later
Is in you nature, lyrics all up in the walls like they made of paper
You got to find out where you talent take you
You might fuck around, finally make it
And that's real but yo


Yo, I want you all to understand I come from South Philly
And when I walk the street is like a pharmacy
They got all type of shit
Anybody could get
It goes from H to X
To lucy ciggarettes
For my ghetto legend
Known from Lil' shyst running
Cop codeine by the courts and keep comin'
Dummy, just embracing the dope like it's a woman
You burnin' both sides of the rope and keep pullin'
Tuggin', in between Islam and straight thuggin'
Laying everyday around the way and doin' nothin'
See'em looking shaking their head and start shruggin'
If they don't have a man like mine, they got a cousin
Hey yo you better be a true friend to 'em
Before the shit put an end to 'em
Or give a pen to 'em
Or lock'em up in the studio with a mic
'Cause on the real it might save his life
Keep tellin'em

[Chorus x 2]

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Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
2:18 pm - So I got an internship.
At A Band Apart. I'm excited. Long story short, I'll be working Tuesday and Thursdays from 9am - 6pm and I'm going to work my ass off to make sure they know I'm the best intern ever and then they'll give me a job and then Quentin Tarantino will be signing my paychecks. Then somehow I'll take over the world. I haven't quite gotten that far yet.

So two nights ago I finally got over the hump and won a poker tournament. After a bunch of dissapointing final table finishes online (2nd, 3rd, and two 5th place finishes, along with countless in the money/bubble finishes), I took one down after being shortstacked much of the money period. 18 people were paid (113 entrants), and I was around 14th when we got down to the final 2 tables. At 15 people left, I was still 14th. I fought my way to the final table where I came in as the 8th place stack but picked my spots to steal and then picked off a short stack to move up, and from there it was uphill. Caught an unreal rush of cards, and an even more unreal streak of no action with those cards. When it got down to heads up I was outchipped 3-1 but battled and took it down, with the final hand me calling his all in (I had 120k, he had 50k) with A2. He flips up Q3 and it was over. $154 payday. Not nearly my biggest win but much needed cash.

I downloaded a leaked version of the new Tool album 10,000 Days. It's amazing as expected.

Let's see...what else...um...Shila's parents have been gone for the last month and a half so it's been plenty of chillin and parties over there. Thankfully that is coming to an end. She's gotten quite tired of it and it's stressed her out plenty. It's wonderful to hang over there whenever, but the endless responsibilities she has to take on stress her out endlessly and I'll be happy to see that part go. My bank account is dwindling plenty. I need money and so I'm basically restricted to DJ jobs and whatever else I can find as this internship will take up 2 days a week, which won't allow me to get a real job. That's okay though, because it's really an investment in my future. I want a job at A Band Apart so badly. We'll see how I like it but the first impression is it looks awesome.

That's it for now I guess. Just wanted to update briefly.

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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
2:27 pm - It's time for that semi-annual entry into the LJ.
Sup bitches.

1. Things in life are pretty good. Shila's parents are in Iran till mid April so we've been hanging at her house a lot, which is nice. She misses her parents dearly, but I think she's held up quite well without them around.

2. The job hunt: Well, it could be going better. I could have a job. But I interviewed at a place yesterday that was pretty much my ideal job. M-F, 9:30am - 6:30pm, in Beverly Hills. I would be a "music video coordinator"...really, just an assistant to the music video department of this company. But man, what an opportunity. I left that place excited to get this job. I think I interviewed well enough, and I think I have a good shot at it with my past experience and knoweldge of music/pop culture (they said that's a BIG plus with me). I've decided that music videos/commercials is where I want to be, so I'm going to be faxing resumes a lot this week. I'm happy about that.

3. Money's running low. As to be expected with my unemployment status for some time now. But the good news is, I have a $25 balance on my credit card (big whoop), no car payment, and basically just gas, Netflix, food, and insurance to pay for. I'll be able to last. Shila's helped a lot in that regard...she INSISTS on paying for food or drinks when we go out. It's kind of nice on one hand but I hate feeling like I can't afford basic things like that. It's not fun, but I'll live. Plus, I'll be employed very soon *crossing fingers*

4. Been doing a weekly @ the Harmony Sweet out here. It's been fun, but there's a real lack of support. Honestly, that's to be expected seeing as how we promote very little...but we always have a good time on Thursday nights there. We're thinking of chopping it down to a monthly cause aside from our friends, who the hell wants to see us spin EVERY week? The good news is the people who come that we don't know give us great responses and stay late...and that's a wonderful compliment. Really, I'm just happy to be playing regularly. It's a lot of fun, and I really enjoy doing it when I'm not stressed to the max over the whole thing (which, if you know me, is like...always). I think once it's a monthly or a semi-monthly, then it'll be better.

Enough with the numbers.

Today, I ran about 3.2 miles (according to Mapquest), and it felt great. I've been trying to be more active just on account of the fact it's easy to get lazy and lame when you have literally NOTHING to do. It also makes you feel better and have more energy. I've really slacked in the exercise/not eating terribly thing...been trying to get back into it to a degree. Preferably not as crazy as I once was, but just enough to get back into shape. Also, I want money so I can get a Disneyland Annual Pass (although clearly Shila and I won't be able to use it as much anymore :( ) and take a vacation. Vegas...sure. But I really would like to do a cruise with all the homies. I know a lot of people can't afford it but I think if we all saved, we could. And maaaaan would it be bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S). So much fun could be had. Might have to wait awhile on that one though.

Once in awhile, I worry about the people around me. Don't get me wrong, I love all my friends and family and I think all of them are amazing. Basically, if I consider you a friend, I think you're awesome. But (and I'm going to do this as inconspicuously and obnoxious as possible thankyouverymuch) I worry about a few people...people who I know are in bad situations, people who are smart but can't pull themselves out for whatever reason(s), and people who have ceased to be themselves for awhile. It's sad to see. I have faith in said people but I think they don't quite realize what other people (namely me) realize about them. If you're reading this, chances are you are not one of those people I'm talking about, but it pains me. I hate feeling powerless. I think everyone does. Well no, some people CRAVE it but big whoop.


Lunch today...I'm thinking Quiznos. I've exhausted the food in my house. I highly reccomend Simply Lemonade. You can buy it in the supermarket and it probably owns your favorite juice/lemonade/drink. That's all for now.

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Sunday, January 29th, 2006
7:59 pm - Been a while, hasn't it?

So life's been good. We (meaning me and like everyone) took a Vegas trip earlier this month for Christa's 21st birthday. It was a blast, and me, Shila, and her bro all had winning trips. I hit my 2nd royal flush in video poker on the first day (first machine I played too) for $1000 and did well elsewhere too....placed 3rd in a Luxor poker tournament, did well in cash games, but lost money playing stupid games like Let it Ride, hahahah. It was a bit chaotic (okay, REALLY chaotic) on the first night, but I had a great time. We stayed at Imperial Palace...where I won :)

Been on the hunt for a job recently...as I'm getting tired of the mobile DJ thing. Not that it was ever meant to be more than a temporary thing, but it's turned into my only real source of income, and I pretty much hate it now. Although it's been good to me, it's really time to move on. I'm kinda at odds with the whole film thing...I'm not sure I have the patience and everything to get a dirt paying job and stay on the grind for years until something worthwhile MAYBE comes along. I am still pursuing it, but in more independent ways (writing, figuring out ideas for documentaries/films/whatever, etc.) and hoping Asher's film (which is FINALLY almost done) does well enough for him to succeed to get me a job, hahahaha (I'm only slightly kidding on that one).

So Thursday Asher, Ayaz, and I all threw a party at the Harmony Sweet. It did not go too smoothly. From sound problems to Asher getting in a car accident and not being able to show up, to me playing like shit, to us running way behind schedule...it just wasn't a good night. I mean, nobody was really the wiser and I tried to keep my game face on, but it wasn't fun for me. I did have fun toward the end of the night jamming with the homies and playing a bit better...but overall, I wasn't pleased with how it turned out. Coulda been a lot better, that's for sure. Fast forward to last night...the plan was for Ayaz and I to play after the IM/Lions/etc. show from like 11:30 - 2. Needless to say, after the debacle that was Thursday night, I wasn't looking forward to it too much...and I think that showed when I got there around 6 (I was also playing between bands). Turns out Ayaz got sick and couldn't show up so I was on my own for the night. While it was looking like a repeat of Thursday...

...it turned out to be possibly the best set I've ever played. I played pretty well between bands, and that was a lot of fun, but once the bands finished I got to do my thing for 4 hours (we ended up going till 3:30), playing pretty well and having a REALLY good time doing so. Mad people were there at the end dancing and having fun, and I fed off that. It was my first time getting to really spread out and do my own thing for an extended set which I've never gotten to do, and when I got home around 4:30, I was floating I was so happy. I had a blast and was so proud of myself.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm gone.

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Saturday, October 1st, 2005
1:16 pm - It's fall!
October: the month of wonderful weather, Halloween, Shila's birthday, sweet smelling air, and great memories.

I'm feeling happy. I still don't have a job, but I'm optimistic right now. Last night I DJ'd at the Boys and Girls Club and usually I hate it, but last night was alright...then I met up with the homies at Elephant Bar. I'm so happy with the people I have around me. Also, I'm feeling more optimistic about my previous entry - after a 2.5 hour talk, I can say that I've done all I can do as a friend, and now the burden is on the other party. I guess I'm selfish when I say that I got it all off MY chest and so I feel better. Didn't think it'd go so well, to be honest...especially when thinking about past situations with the same person. Regardless, things are going to be okay...I'm pretty sure of it.

Anyway, back to it being fall! Today I'm going to see Greg's film @ the Egyptian in Hollywood, then not sure whassap after that but good times will be had tonight. I woke up today with this rejuvinated feeling of optimism. That sounds straight corny, but it's true. I'm liking where I'm at right now, despite the lack of work. I talked with some people who I used to work with at Countrywide and woooow...things are totally screwed up there. Sounds like I got out at JUST the right time. This month brings back the best memories in my life for whatever reason...and yeah...things are good.

Oh Simi is on fire again.

Anywho...I'm off to get ready for the day.

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
4:58 pm
I'm real tired of being blown off.
I'm real tired of being lied to.
I'm real tired of being given the run around.
I'm real tired of holding back.
I'm real tired of excuses.
I'm real tired of defending someone who doesn't deserve it.
I'm real tired of feeling like it's deja vu all over again.
I'm real tired of worrying.
I'm real tired of saying things I don't mean.
I'm real tired of being passive.
I'm real tired of thinking it'll all work out.
I'm real tired of being real tired.
I'm real tired.

This is not about Shila. Thanks for reading.

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
1:49 pm - Ah the life of the unemployed.
I'm on my second movie of the day. The first was Forrest Gump, and the second is Casino.

2 days ago, on Monday, I went to the Hustler Casino to play some poker. I ended up coming up about $200 - played pretty well, made 1 or 2 bad plays, but overall I played well and caught some great cards. Despite making a comeback from $7 to $61, and then losing it all when my AA went down to 58 offsuit, I bought back in and took the biggest pot of the night when a $6 raise was made with my 99 and the flop came 9-3-6, giving Mr. SucksOutWith58OffSuit 2 pair and me a set. He bet $15, I called, and another guy called. The turn brought a harmless Jack, he bet $24, another guy folded, and I pushed in for $24 + $86 more. He called and I racked in a $289 pot after the rake and my tip to the dealer. Good times, good times.

In other news, I'm STILL tired of not working. I need money ya'll. I need something to do and some responsibility, cause right now - I'm feeling like a loser. I also would like to go to Las Vegas, thank you. Me Asher and Ayaz rocked a party at Josh's the other night and it was fun. We BBQ'd, we drank, and we played records...and of course, had a great time doing so. This weekend? Something fun. I hope.

Anyway, I'm off to doing nothing.

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Monday, September 12th, 2005
8:48 pm
1 MINUTE AGO: I put on some songs on iTunes.
1 DAY AGO: I was heading to Fridays with some peeps.
1 WEEK AGO: What's today? Monday? Umm...same thing I been doing. Nothing.
1 YEAR AGO: I was starting my last year of college...probably hating stuff.
I HURT: When I grind my teeth at night and wake up with a headache like today.
I LOVE: Shila, my family, my friends, Las Vegas, monkeys, and movies. And hookers, gotta love hookers.
I HATE: George W. Bush
I FEAR: Clowns, spoiled food, spoiled milk, and losing people I care about.
I HOPE: I find a job before I run out of money.
I FEEL: Slightly tired.
I HIDE: Not much really.
I DRIVE: A gas guzzling SUV but I still love it.
I MISS: Paychecks.
I LEARNED: How to make my Soulseek client download faster. Yeah, I'm a dork.
I KNOW: That making your bed will always make your room look 10X cleaner than it actually is.
I WAIT: For a good job to come along.
I NEED: To make myself a neater person.
I THINK: A lot.
current clothes: Jeans and an Element shirt. Totally unlike me to wear that.
current mood: Relaxed.
current music: Bill Withers! (hence being relaxed)
current taste: Taquitos and guacamole.
current hair: Spiky.
current annoyance: Honestly...nothing right now.
current smell: My deoderant.
current thing i should be doing: I should be on Monster.com.
current desktop picture: It says VAIO!
current favorite bands/singers: Current: MIKE JOOOOOOOONES (Who?), Common, Kanye West, Weezer, Michael Jackson.
current book: Not reading anything currently.
current movie in dvd player: Sin City.
current refreshment: Water.
current worry: Money/future/career.
current crush: Duh. Who else.
curren favorite song: Kanye West - Touch the Sky

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8:45 pm - Yup.
1. Reply with your name and I'll respond with something random about you.

2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.

3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.

4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
(This possibly will not apply to all).

5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.

6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.

7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.

8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal.

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Friday, September 9th, 2005
11:57 pm
Friday night, and I'm kicking it online. Because I'm a dork, I'm watching a big poker tournament online.

Anyway, I'm loving it. I'm hanging in my newly cleaned room, just relaxed. I may watch a movie or a couple episodes of CSI (my new addiction). The hustle bustle of going out every night is cool but...I need a rest. Plus I spend more than I should (which you know, I should be spending nothing). The job search could be going better, but I'm trying. I need to try a new approach though, as this is obviously not working.

Life is good though.

I went through some pictures I found in my room. Comedy. Old rave pictures, old high school pictures, old concert pics, my pictures from Skratchcon and the afterparty, Josh's Halloween party, etc. Great stuff. I love looking at those pictures.

I think I want to watch Sin City, but I don't know. Maybe I'll watch Barton Fink. Maybe not.

Can't complain about anything except the lack of a job. The weather is perfect right now, Shila and I may take a Disneyland trip on Tuesday (our last day with passes :( ), and that will be fantastic. Last night we went to SB for Pam's birthday which was a good time. Hung at this sports bar, had some drinks, and chilled with her SB friends. Then Shila and I came back, and I met up with Marco and Davith over at Judge Roy Beans, which was surprisingly fun. Then we walked to Fridays and hung there the rest of the night. Not a bad Thursday night out :) I love my girlfriend, and I love my circle of friends. I'm very blessed in that department, and I think about that all the time. I have an amazing relationship which not only I appreciate, but take pride in the fact that other people know how awesome we are together. Also, I have the best group of friends EVER - we have tons of fun, we all can joke around and party, and also have serious discussions with. I can come to them with anything that's on my mind and get a well thought, intelligent response.

Anyway - I'm happy. And that's what matters.

But yeah - I'm taking a break from running for the weekend as my knees were feeling a bit sore. The running thing is great cause it makes me motivated for the day as well as getting back in shape. It makes me feel good, and that's why I do it. But because I took a break from it, I will be feeling it on Monday for sure. The run from my house to Galena and back gives me about a 2.5 mile run a day, and I do it around 3-5 times a week, so a minimum of 7.5 miles a week, plus any other cardio I do. Good times, good times.

Anyway, off to watch a movie and then bed.

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Monday, September 5th, 2005
2:29 am - Ahhhh nostalgia.
I get nostalgic easily.

Still, it's one attribute I truly enjoy in life. Right now...I am listening to the Cleptomaniacs white label remix of All I Do by Stevie Wonder. Classic anthemy house from like '99-'00. Earlier, I listened to a Minidisc recording of myself mixing house, jungle, and also cutting. The scratching was crazy cause...I used to be good! That's ALL I used to do though. I really didn't learn to mix for awhile, and it shows. Wow. The DnB/house sections of that recording are absolutely TERRIBLE.

Nevertheless...those were some early records I bought. Some of the first house records I ever bought too. So, I got nostalgic. And having a nice, clean room...I decided to check out my old PC - and the glory of my old, Napster downloaded MP3s. Most of the good ones I have on my laptop, but there's still oh...a TON I didn't categorize from Napster and Audiogalaxy. These songs bring back amazing memories to me. I remember not only the raves and whatnot, but also just time periods. When I first started hanging out with Shila and company, this is what I was listening to. I remember crisp fall nights at Knotts Scary Farm, or allnighters downloading music and then a Denny's trip at 6 or 7am with Mike and Jeff. Or burning a CD for Shila for our first Valentines Day with a Junior Sanchez song on it.

Wow, here's one that really brings back memories.

Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby (Disco Babes From Outer Space Mix).

Probably the first house song I ever downloaded...or a very early one. And man - see...nowadays, I'd probably dismiss this song as cheese, but it's good. Ah, nevermind that, I still like Don't Call Me Baby, and I still like DJ Dan. Hahah.

Oh the days of downloading songs before I knew producers...just searching "DJ Dan" or "Donald Glaude" or "Mark Farina", etc. Anyway, that was a pretty good time in my life, and I like having things that bring me back to it. I was young, stupid, fresh out of high school, and had just met not only the girl who I would end up spending YEARS with, but also a whole new group of friends who I still hang with. Funny thing about that time is, while Asher, Marco, Greg and I were close, I was still close with Jason, Jeff, and Mike...and shortly thereafter we lost touch. It was sort of a turning point in my life. I left behind the friends I'd had since grade school, and started hanging with new people who better suited my interests and goals in life. My parents said it would happen - but I never believed them. Sure enough, it did. It takes one until they're in their 20s, I think, to recognize the wisdom and experience of parents. At least, that's what it took me.

I'm shocked how much simple songs can bring back for me though. That was a good time. Working at Alert. Hanging with Shila, Pam, UV, Luce, Kenn, etc. Having my old Accord. Really, coming into my own. It was a good time, most definitely. I came across a party flyer today while cleaning my room. That's nothing new, I have em scattered around everywhere. But it was Oasis - from September 9th, 2000. An outdoor party where I ended up crashing my car afterwards on the way home. Funny how that, too, brought back memories. It was a great summer up until that point, haha. Anyway, that was almost 5 years ago, and unlike most things that happened that year, it really feels like it's been about that long. I feel like a whole new person, with a whole new sense of what is and what isn't important in life. I can't really explain it. But it's cool.

Anyway...nostalgia is great, because it's nostalgia. I had some fun times back then, and I'd do it again, but I'm very happy where I'm at now too. No way I give up what I have now for what I had then. Also, I tend to think my perceptions of how things were back then were skewed slightly...if I were to be in the same situation now, what would I think? Would I like this music? Probably, but who knows?

Anyway, enough of that.

I'm happy, cause my room is clean and I'm gonna sleep in clean sheets. And tomorrow, I'm gonna get my tables set up nicely in here again and have at it. Right now, things are great...and I love it. I'm organized in my finances due to my Lifedrive, have an ample amount of money currently (with DJ jobs and HOPEFULLY camera stuff on the way from Shila's work too), and am okay with how I've been doing in life. I can't fault myself for not having a job. I'm doing my best. I need to attack this problem differently, I think, but nonetheless, I'm satisfied with how I'm doing...I'm active. I'm running. I have a sort of new lease on life, so to speak. Things are quite good (*knocking wood*).

Asher, Ayaz, Marco and I are planning a Hurricane Katrina benefit @ The Harmony Sweet. Nothing fancy, just cheap music ala us and maybe Marco's hip hop group...really, it's going to be fun, and it's going to be cheap. I hope some of you can make it.

It does me good to see these wonderful pictures I have around me in my room. Like I said, Nostalgia is great. I have a picture of the Alert crew, Shila and I in December of 2000, Shila and I in Summer of 2001, and Shila from Spring of 2001. I cherish these pictures...they're actual processed film, as opposed to the digital camera pictures I have now (which are great too, cause there are more of them, but still...) and they're awesome to have around me and look at to realize how truly lucky I am. Oh, and I just caught a glimpse of me and Shila at Disneyland on my birthday this year. And the flyers above my DJ setup for parties I've played at and/or thrown. Good times, good times.

How I love nostalgia.

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Sunday, September 4th, 2005
9:03 pm - Wow.
I just found my Sony Minidisc Walkman.

It still works.

AND it has me mixing and scratching from...sometime in 1999, I imagine. I wasn't bad.

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I'm on a break from cleaning my room.

Wow, it's amazing the stuff I find when I do it. And it's amazing to have a clean room also.

Next up: New bedsheets.

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Monday, August 22nd, 2005
11:42 pm - Oil? What you need oil for? Bitch you cookin?

Here I am. Unemployed still. Things are really somewhat rough for me in that department. I can't seem to find work, and I'm trying not to hustle for jobs, but it seems I'll have to if I want to make some money. Good news though, I'm now insured (health) and can visit a doctor. Woohoo! Actually, I'll be insured in 15 minutes cause I signed up today.

So my SD trip with the family was fun...I even met up with Jon and Colleen and hung out at some bars downtown. Made a little money playing poker, read, relaxed...it was fun. Glad to be back, as SD isn't a place I like to visit for more than 2 days, and I was there for 3. But it's cool. So as I was saying, the job situation is scary. My funds are dwindling, I'm in a rut creatively, and I'm not doing anything most of the day. I'm not used to not working...I had a gap in my employment between Alert and Countrywide, but I was 18 and 19 years old within that time...and I could afford to do it. Still, I feel like a loser who can't find a job to save his life. It sucks man. I may just have to resort to doing something I didn't go to school for. As much as I don't want to, I might just have to suck it up and go for something else.

I am going to Disneyland tomorrow. THAT will be a good time.

Last night was fun. I DJed with Asher and Ayaz at a house party and then went to Holly's to meet up with all the homies. Just hung out, talked, listened to music (THE NEW KANYE WEST ALBUM IS INEFFINCREDIBLE) and just relaxed. This relaxation thing is great...but see, the thing is, if you don't have something to relax FROM, you're just a bum. It's like right now i have no stress, so how can I be relaxing? Well...at least I live at home and have minimal bills. I'm also making my lunch a lot more instead of buying it, and of course, I drive a lot less now as well.

I guess that's it for now.

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Thursday, July 21st, 2005
3:24 pm - Hooray for technology!
So as you saw, my last entry went haywire. Boo on that. I'm over it now so I can get crackin' on a new one.

So first: I have 2 new toys. The first I got about 2 weeks ago, and the second I got about 30 minutes ago.

First: Brand new laptop -

After hellish bouts with Best Buy customer service, I recieved a call that they had "junked out" my last laptop after over a month of attempting to fix it (ordering wrong parts, etc.). I raised hell and got this brand new thang with widescreen, with a faster DVD burner, etc. Basically, Best Buy told me they'd pick the laptop that I would get (exchanging "technology for technology" as they said). So I called into the store and found out no manager was in. So, about an hour before I was going to take off to Vegas, I took advantage of this fact and went and got a laptop that I was able to pick. I'm pretty happy with it. Lesson learned, eff a Best Buy.

Second: Brand new cellphone -

Liking it so far...my last cellphone went to heeeeelll and I could barely hear anything. So, it's good to have a new one for sure.

Also, if I didn't talk about it before, I have Adelphia DVR. It = amazing.

Okay so...my last entry was going to focus on my Vegas trip. Basically I lost money, but came up playing poker. I even played for a long session going from around 12am - 7am, and then catching a flight back to Burbank at 9:30am for Lluvia's wedding. The key hand all weekend was one where I caught KQ against a guy who had 77. The flop came KQQ, which we both checked and then a 7 on the turn. My full house beating his. I won about...oh...$160 on that hand. Probably came up around $120 - $150 just playing poker. But that's alright. It was fun...and going with my cousins was interesting. Jenny had a great time, Danny got drunk and possibly engaged in illicit sexual contact (hence my reason for not going back to my room until 7am), and good times were had.

It's time for a new Vegas trip next weekend. Yes. Again. 3 times in 30 days is excessive but awesome. Me, Shila, her bro, Holly, Josh, Marco, Laura, possibly Codizzle, possibly other people. Will it be fun? Yeah fo' sho. Then I'll probably have a break from Vegas for a few months, even though I love it. I can't wait though, it'll be quite a good time with all the heads and we'll probably gamble and maybe get some blow and hookers, or even coke and whores. Who knows.

I'm off work this week cause they had nothing for me to do. Cool I guess, but I've been in full blown bum mode ever since I was told that and haven't gotten much accomplished this week. Also I'm losing money doing so. But whatever I guess. Maybe they'll fire me and I'll be forced to find a new job. Maybe.

Anyway, that's it for the time being. This woulda been longer but the LJ client I downloaded suuuuucks.

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Monday, July 11th, 2005
3:30 pm - DAMNIT
I just typed a HUGE entry and wiped it out somehow someway.

Don't you hate that?


current mood: pissed off

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Friday, July 8th, 2005
2:01 am - Well, here I am again.
I haven't updated in forever.

Figured now is a good a time as any. I'm doing some laundry so I can go to Vegas tomorrow :) I just got back from a trip with all the homies, and it was a good one as it was some much needed chillaxin' time and I won $500. Mostly from poker and video poker. When it comes to video poker, I seem to do really well...I know strategy to maximize my profit but you HAVE to get lucky to actually win money. That takes stuff like 4 of a kinds, straight flushes, or royal flushes. 9 times outta 10, a full house won't win you more than...$10 or so. Anyway, I've been playing a lot of poker recently (played a TON in Vegas and have been playing online too) and have been playing all around solid poker. I was telling Shila tonight that I have probably the best understanding of the game right now than I ever have before. It's cool.

The job situation: Well I DJ now for money through a company, but mostly work in the office for said company. While it pays well (and under the table), I can't say I enjoy it. I need to get out and be doing what I got my degree in. Speaking of which...

Yes. I graduated. Quite awesome it was. It was a great feeling to be done with college forever (until possibly grad school)...and to have accomplished it with honors. Really CSUN was cool and all, but man, I was ready to be DONE. My graduation/birthday gift from my parents was a brand new Palm Lifedrive...a PDA which is pretty much awesome. Between that, my iPod, and my Adelphia DVR, I've found that...well, technology rules. I use those 3 things now more than anything else I own probably. Including my car.

Things with Shila have been great actually (knocking wood...cause everytime I say that I do something stupid). We've both been busy, so time together is less than we're used to, but we seem to appreciate it more. I'm really, really happy. That really about sums it up.

UV gets married on Sunday. That is crazy.

Okay forget about catching up everything that's happened since my last entry. I'll just say I'm excited about Vegas, I'm doing well in pretty much every aspect of my life. Although I dislike my current job, I'm more than happy financially. I'm addicted to my iPod and my Adelphia DVR. I can't wait to go play poker tomorrow (and to go watch the WSOP which Shila, Dan, and I got to go check out and see damn near every pro you could imagine playing over at the Rio). I'm currently reading One of A Kind: The Stu Unger Story. I'm currently watching The Sopranos Season 5 Disc 3. And I'm currently listening to a whole buncha stuff...including, but not limited to, Talib Kweli - Quality, Red Hot & Riot - A Fela Kuti Tribute, Incubus - Make Yourself, and a bunch of other stuff.

Glad to be back around these parts. Myspace killed my desire to do any sort of updates, but I'll try harder I suppose.

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Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
4:20 pm - I just watched Taxi Driver.
That's a damn good movie.

Definitely better the 2nd time around.

Here's what I need to do in the coming days:
- My taxes
- Get an oil change
- Clean my room
- Do laundry

I found a job. Not sure if I posted about it before...so I will now. I sold out. I now DJ for a company, doing stuff like the Boys and Girls Club and teen parties. Good money, and it's obviously very flexible. I'm making more or less what I was at Countrywide with 1/2 the hours (11 hours in 2 weeks...I guess that's 1/4 the hours). Plus it can be fun. So go me. I got lucky with this one...it just fell into my lap, which is awesome. So I'm very happy, even if it makes me give up my weekends here and there.

Vegas soon. I hope. I just got something in the mail to get $69 rooms at Ballys or $99 at Paris. Awesome. So I'm sure that'll pan out real soon...gotta hit the homies up about it.

Alright that's all for now.

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Friday, July 23rd, 2004
5:29 pm - Heeeello.
Yeah I figured I'd update. It's that time of the year.

The status: Shila's in Hawaii and has been the last 6 days. This saddens me. Her dog is at my house and has taken a liking to me. This is good. 2 As in summer school, that too is good. I have watched many movies in the last week. This is also good. Vegas was fun but not as fun as the last few trips...and that is okay. I go to Vegas again in a week and a half and that is good.

That about catches me up.

So...I'm sitting here at my house, missing Shila...10 days is wack man. She comes back fairly soon (and it'll go by quicker now being its the weekend and all), so that'll be aiight. I've been excercising and such and feel real good...it's amazing what a little bit of physical activity will do to your daily endurance and whatnot. Last night was the IM show at the Harmony Sweet which was fun, lots of people were there...just kicked it with the homies as per usual. Got some drinks, talked...nice to see a lot of those peeps. I have no clue what the plan for tonight is...but something chill, I hope. Gotta work in the morning.

Speaking of which, and I know I've said this before, but I've had just about enough of Countrywide. Seriously that soul sucking company has driven me to the brink of insanity and back on a weekly basis. I'm done. D-U-N.

The search for a new job continues and proves to be fairly ehhhhhh. I go on Craigslist at work...thankfully such sites somehow get through the firewall and I can kill some time. Weekends especially. Last weekend at work all I DID was sit on Craigslist and barely worked...somehow I got like the 2nd highest stats. See? I still rule, even when I try not to.

So like...good movies I've seen lately: Anchorman (despite going alone, it was still quite hilarious), Sunset Boulevard (realllllllly good), M (1931 film about a child molestor), Schindler's List (I don't think I'll ever watch it again but wow), Iron Monkey (awesome), etc. I will be watching something tonight too...perhaps Vertigo, or something. Probably Vertigo.

Had a long talk with Marco last night about thangs. Given what's gone on in my past, I've never taken for granted the friendships I have. Quite honestly, the people I surround myself with are the most amazing people I've ever met. It's crazy to think how one's friends totally just gel with each other...and that's sorta been my experience. But I was thinking about it and it's just nuts how the universe seems to work...this time 4 years ago, I wouldn't ever think my circle of friends would be the one that I have now. I think this school of thought has relaxed me in many ways, just knowing that things have a way of working themselves out in the long run. It's comforting to know that.

You know what I find fascinating? MySpace. When you find something like a skinhead, you can look at all their friends and just shake your head at how closeminded and crazy some people are. A lot of them look like caricatures and stereotypes. It's really funny. And sad.

The new Roots album - way way dope. Bangin'. Didn't like it much at first now I luuuuuuh it.

Okay that's enough for now. I'll be back sooner than later.

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